# Buy Kangaroo

Thank for buying Kangaroo

In order to achieve sustainable services, the Kangaroo adopts a subscription model, and multi-year subscriptions are recommended not to exceed [ten years].

# Subscription plan

All prices(without VAT) are displayed in USD and VAT may apply.

Subscription plan 2024
Version Enterprise license Non-commercial license License extension
Yearly One-time Monthly
Yearly One-time
Multiple database $75 $249 $498 $15 $49 $98 20% off
Single database $30 $99 $198 $6 $19 $38 20% off
Tips 1. One license support one device(Windows / MacOS / Linux)
2. One-time license includes one year of free upgrades and support only.

# Payment method

We support three pay methods:Paypal pay, WeChat Pay and Alipay payment.

Paypal qrcode Tenpay qrcode Alipay qrcode

When scanning the QR code to pay, please be sure to add comment on the order ticket:

Kangaroo-<branch: Multiple|SQLite|MySQL|MariaDB|PostgreSQL|SQLServer> - <your email>

For example: Kangaroo-Multiple - dbkangaroo@hotmail.com

Kangaroo team will receive your payment, then the license code will be sent to you via your email as soon as possible.

# Contact

If you have any questions about the purchase or product, you can contact team via the following channel:

QQ: PC QQ (opens new window) Mobile QQ
E-mail: dbkangaroo@hotmail.com


# How long does it take to receive my license code after payment?

Kangaroo will start the process of license code work within one week after the license validation feature launched, please pay attention to the version announcement and E-mail notification;

# Can I get a refund on my license?

Virtual goods are non-refundable after purchase. Please purchase with caution.

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