# Download Kangaroo

Recommend all users to download or upgrade the latest version always, new features and bug fixed will landing the new version. Some servers have space limitation, only the latest version is available for download.

Important information

The Kangaroo stable version (3.x) will be released soon. For pricing, please refer to: pricing Plan.

You are welcome to search for WeChat small store(微信小商店)【袋鼠工具小店】 to pre-order and enjoy the first discount.

Versions marked with Dev Beta can be used for free, other versions require payment.

# Kangaroo versions

Release date Windows Linux MacOS iOS Android
2023-06-02 v2.99.3 (Beta) v2.99.3 (Beta) v2.99.3 (Beta)
2023-05-08 v1.10.3 (Beta) v1.10.3 (Beta) v1.10.3 (Beta)
2023-04-28 v2.99.2 (Beta) v2.99.2 (Beta) v2.99.2 (Beta)
2023-04-02 v2.99.1 (Beta) v2.99.1 (Beta) v2.99.1 (Beta)
2023-03-01 v2.3.2 (Beta) v2.3.2 (Beta) v2.3.2 (Beta)
2023-02-01 v2.3.1 (Beta) v2.3.1 (Beta) v2.3.1 (Beta)
2023-01-01 v2.2.1 (Beta) v2.2.1 (Beta) v2.2.1 (Beta)
2022-12-01 v2.1.1 (Beta) v2.1.1 (Beta) v2.1.1 (Beta)
2022-11-01 v2.0.0 (Beta) v2.0.0 (Beta) v2.0.0 (Beta)
2022-10-01 v1.99.1 (Dev) v1.99.1 (Dev) v1.99.1 (Dev)
2022-09-04 v1.98.1 (Dev) v1.98.1 (Dev) v1.98.1 (Dev)
2022-07-31 v1.97.1 (Dev) v1.97.1 (Dev) v1.97.1 (Dev)
2022-07-01 v1.10.2 (Beta) v1.10.2 (Beta) v1.10.2 (Beta)
2022-07-01 v1.96.1 (Dev) v1.96.1 (Dev) v1.96.1 (Dev)
2022-06-01 v1.95.1 (Dev) v1.95.1 (Dev) v1.95.1 (Dev)
2022-05-01 v1.94.1 (Dev) v1.94.1 (Dev) v1.94.1 (Dev)
2022-04-01 v1.93.1 (Dev) v1.93.1 (Dev) v1.93.1 (Dev)
2022-02-28 v1.92.1 (Dev) v1.92.1 (Dev) v1.92.1 (Dev)
2022-01-28 v1.91.1 (Dev) v1.91.1 (Dev) v1.91.1 (Dev)
2021-12-31 v1.90.1 (Dev) v1.90.1 (Dev) v1.90.1 (Dev)
2021-07-31 v1.10.1 (Beta) v1.10.1 (Beta) v1.10.1 (Beta)
2021-05-31 v1.9.1 (Dev) v1.9.1 (Dev) v1.9.1 (Dev)
2021-04-30 v1.8.1 (Dev) v1.8.1 (Dev) v1.8.1 (Dev)
2021-03-31 v1.7.1 (Dev) v1.7.1 (Dev) v1.7.1 (Dev)
2021-01-31 v1.6.1 (Dev) v1.6.1 (Dev) v1.6.1 (Dev)
2020-12-31 v1.5.1 (Dev) v1.5.1 (Dev) v1.5.1 (Dev)
2020-11-09 v1.0.6 (Beta) v1.0.6 (Beta) v1.0.6 (Beta)
2020-11-02 v1.3.1 (Dev) v1.3.1 (Dev) v1.3.1 (Dev)
2020-10-19 v1.0.5 (Beta) v1.0.5 (Beta) v1.0.5 (Beta)
2020-09-21 v0.99.3 (Beta) v0.99.3 (Beta) v0.99.3 (Beta)
2020-09-07 v0.99.2 (Beta) v0.99.2 (Beta) v0.99.2 (Beta)
2020-08-24 v0.99.1 (Beta) v0.99.1 (Beta) v0.99.1 (Beta)
2020-08-17 v0.33.1 (Dev) v0.33.1 (Dev) v0.33.1 (Dev)
2020-08-10 v0.32.1 (Dev) v0.32.1 (Dev) v0.32.1 (Dev)
2020-08-03 v0.31.1 (Dev) v0.31.1 (Dev) v0.31.1 (Dev)
2020-07-27 v0.30.1 (Dev) v0.30.1 (Dev) v0.30.1 (Dev)
2020-07-13 v0.29.1 (Dev) v0.29.1 (Dev) v0.29.1 (Dev)
2020-06-29 v0.28.1 (Dev) v0.28.1 (Dev) v0.28.1 (Dev)
2020-06-22 v0.27.1 (Beta) v0.27.1 (Beta) v0.27.1 (Beta)
2020-06-15 v0.26.1 (Dev) v0.26.1 (Dev) v0.26.1 (Dev)
2020-06-01 v0.25.1 (Beta) v0.25.1 (Beta) v0.25.1 (Beta)
2020-05-25 v0.24.1 (Dev) v0.24.1 (Dev) v0.24.1 (Dev)
2020-05-18 v0.23.1 (Beta) v0.23.1 (Beta) v0.23.1 (Beta)
2020-05-11 v0.22.1 (Beta) v0.22.1 (Beta) v0.22.1 (Beta)
2020-05-04 v0.21.1 (Beta) v0.21.1 (Beta) v0.21.1 (Beta)
2020-04-20 v0.20.1 (Dev) v0.20.1 (Dev) v0.20.1 (Dev)
2020-04-13 v0.19.1 (Dev) v0.19.1 (Dev) v0.19.1 (Dev)
2020-04-06 v0.18.1 (Dev) v0.18.1 (Dev) v0.18.1 (Dev)
2020-03-23 v0.17.0 (Dev) v0.17.0 (Dev) v0.17.0 (Dev)
2020-03-16 v0.16.0 (Dev) v0.16.0 (Dev)
2020-03-02 v0.15.0 (Dev) v0.15.0 (Dev) v0.15.0 (Dev)
2020-02-17 v0.14.0 (Dev) v0.14.0 (Dev) v0.14.0 (Dev)
2020-02-10 v0.13.0 (Dev) v0.13.0 (Dev) v0.13.0 (Dev)
2020-01-20 v0.12.1 (Dev) v0.12.1 (Dev) v0.12.1 (Dev)
2020-01-13 v0.11.1 (Dev) v0.11.1 (Dev) v0.11.1 (Dev)
2020-01-06 v0.11.0 (Dev) v0.11.0 (Dev) v0.11.0 (Dev)
2019-12-23 v0.10.0 (Dev) v0.10.0 (Dev) v0.10.0 (Dev)
2019-12-16 v0.9.5 (Dev) v0.9.5 (Dev) v0.9.5 (Dev)
2019-12-09 v0.9.4 (Dev) v0.9.4 (Dev) v0.9.4 (Dev)
2019-12-02 v0.9.3 (Dev) v0.9.3 (Dev) v0.9.3 (Dev)
2019-11-25 v0.9.2 (Dev) v0.9.2 (Dev) v0.9.2 (Dev)
2019-11-18 v0.9.1 (Dev) v0.9.1 (Dev) v0.9.1 (Dev)
2019-11-11 v0.9.0 (Dev) v0.9.0 (Dev) v0.9.0 (Dev)
2019-11-04 v0.8.5 (Dev) v0.8.5 (Dev) v0.8.5 (Dev)
2019-10-28 v0.8.4 (Dev) v0.8.4 (Dev) v0.8.4 (Dev)
2019-10-21 v0.8.3 (Dev) v0.8.3 (Dev) v0.8.3 (Dev)
2019-10-14 v0.8.2 (Dev) v0.8.2 (Dev)
2019-09-30 v0.8.1 (Dev) v0.8.1 (Dev)
2019-09-23 v0.8.0 (Dev) v0.8.0 (Dev)
2019-09-16 v0.7.2 (Dev) v0.7.2 (Dev)
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