# Download Kangaroo

Recommend all users to download or upgrade the latest version always, new features and bug fixed will landing the new version. Some servers have space limitation, only the latest version is available for download.

Important information

Versions marked with Dev Beta are free for commercial use, others require payment.

# Kangaroo versions

Release date Windows Linux MacOS iOS Android
2024-07-01 v5.1.0 v5.1.0 v5.1.0
2024-06-01 v5.0.0 v5.0.0 v5.0.0
2024-04-30 v4.99.9 v4.99.9 v4.99.9
2024-04-06 v4.99.1 v4.99.1 v4.99.1
2024-03-01 v4.98.1 v4.98.1 v4.98.1
2024-01-01 v4.0.0 v4.0.0 v4.0.0
2023-12-01 v3.99.2 v3.99.2 v3.99.2
2023-11-05 v3.99.1 v3.99.1 v3.99.1
2023-09-28 v3.93.1 v3.93.1 v3.93.1
2023-09-01 v3.92.1 v3.92.1 v3.92.1
2023-08-01 v3.91.1 (Beta) v3.91.1 (Beta) v3.91.1 (Beta)
2023-07-01 v3.90.1 (Beta) v3.90.1 (Beta) v3.90.1 (Beta)
2023-06-02 v2.99.3 (Beta) v2.99.3 (Beta) v2.99.3 (Beta)
2023-05-08 v1.10.3 (Beta) v1.10.3 (Beta) v1.10.3 (Beta)
2023-04-28 v2.99.2 (Beta) v2.99.2 (Beta) v2.99.2 (Beta)
2023-04-02 v2.99.1 (Beta) v2.99.1 (Beta) v2.99.1 (Beta)
2023-03-01 v2.3.2 (Beta) v2.3.2 (Beta) v2.3.2 (Beta)
2023-02-01 v2.3.1 (Beta) v2.3.1 (Beta) v2.3.1 (Beta)
2023-01-01 v2.2.1 (Beta) v2.2.1 (Beta) v2.2.1 (Beta)
2022-12-01 v2.1.1 (Beta) v2.1.1 (Beta) v2.1.1 (Beta)
2022-11-01 v2.0.0 (Beta) v2.0.0 (Beta) v2.0.0 (Beta)
2022-10-01 v1.99.1 (Dev) v1.99.1 (Dev) v1.99.1 (Dev)
2022-09-04 v1.98.1 (Dev) v1.98.1 (Dev) v1.98.1 (Dev)
2022-07-31 v1.97.1 (Dev) v1.97.1 (Dev) v1.97.1 (Dev)
2022-07-01 v1.10.2 (Beta) v1.10.2 (Beta) v1.10.2 (Beta)
2022-07-01 v1.96.1 (Dev) v1.96.1 (Dev) v1.96.1 (Dev)
2022-06-01 v1.95.1 (Dev) v1.95.1 (Dev) v1.95.1 (Dev)
2022-05-01 v1.94.1 (Dev) v1.94.1 (Dev) v1.94.1 (Dev)
2022-04-01 v1.93.1 (Dev) v1.93.1 (Dev) v1.93.1 (Dev)
2022-02-28 v1.92.1 (Dev) v1.92.1 (Dev) v1.92.1 (Dev)
2022-01-28 v1.91.1 (Dev) v1.91.1 (Dev) v1.91.1 (Dev)
2021-12-31 v1.90.1 (Dev) v1.90.1 (Dev) v1.90.1 (Dev)
2021-07-31 v1.10.1 (Beta) v1.10.1 (Beta) v1.10.1 (Beta)
2021-05-31 v1.9.1 (Dev) v1.9.1 (Dev) v1.9.1 (Dev)
2021-04-30 v1.8.1 (Dev) v1.8.1 (Dev) v1.8.1 (Dev)
2021-03-31 v1.7.1 (Dev) v1.7.1 (Dev) v1.7.1 (Dev)
2021-01-31 v1.6.1 (Dev) v1.6.1 (Dev) v1.6.1 (Dev)
2020-12-31 v1.5.1 (Dev) v1.5.1 (Dev) v1.5.1 (Dev)
2020-11-09 v1.0.6 (Beta) v1.0.6 (Beta) v1.0.6 (Beta)
2020-11-02 v1.3.1 (Dev) v1.3.1 (Dev) v1.3.1 (Dev)
2020-10-19 v1.0.5 (Beta) v1.0.5 (Beta) v1.0.5 (Beta)
2020-09-21 v0.99.3 (Beta) v0.99.3 (Beta) v0.99.3 (Beta)
2020-09-07 v0.99.2 (Beta) v0.99.2 (Beta) v0.99.2 (Beta)
2020-08-24 v0.99.1 (Beta) v0.99.1 (Beta) v0.99.1 (Beta)
2020-08-17 v0.33.1 (Dev) v0.33.1 (Dev) v0.33.1 (Dev)
2020-08-10 v0.32.1 (Dev) v0.32.1 (Dev) v0.32.1 (Dev)
2020-08-03 v0.31.1 (Dev) v0.31.1 (Dev) v0.31.1 (Dev)
2020-07-27 v0.30.1 (Dev) v0.30.1 (Dev) v0.30.1 (Dev)
2020-07-13 v0.29.1 (Dev) v0.29.1 (Dev) v0.29.1 (Dev)
2020-06-29 v0.28.1 (Dev) v0.28.1 (Dev) v0.28.1 (Dev)
2020-06-22 v0.27.1 (Beta) v0.27.1 (Beta) v0.27.1 (Beta)
2020-06-15 v0.26.1 (Dev) v0.26.1 (Dev) v0.26.1 (Dev)
2020-06-01 v0.25.1 (Beta) v0.25.1 (Beta) v0.25.1 (Beta)
2020-05-25 v0.24.1 (Dev) v0.24.1 (Dev) v0.24.1 (Dev)
2020-05-18 v0.23.1 (Beta) v0.23.1 (Beta) v0.23.1 (Beta)
2020-05-11 v0.22.1 (Beta) v0.22.1 (Beta) v0.22.1 (Beta)
2020-05-04 v0.21.1 (Beta) v0.21.1 (Beta) v0.21.1 (Beta)
2020-04-20 v0.20.1 (Dev) v0.20.1 (Dev) v0.20.1 (Dev)
2020-04-13 v0.19.1 (Dev) v0.19.1 (Dev) v0.19.1 (Dev)
2020-04-06 v0.18.1 (Dev) v0.18.1 (Dev) v0.18.1 (Dev)
2020-03-23 v0.17.0 (Dev) v0.17.0 (Dev) v0.17.0 (Dev)
2020-03-16 v0.16.0 (Dev) v0.16.0 (Dev)
2020-03-02 v0.15.0 (Dev) v0.15.0 (Dev) v0.15.0 (Dev)
2020-02-17 v0.14.0 (Dev) v0.14.0 (Dev) v0.14.0 (Dev)
2020-02-10 v0.13.0 (Dev) v0.13.0 (Dev) v0.13.0 (Dev)
2020-01-20 v0.12.1 (Dev) v0.12.1 (Dev) v0.12.1 (Dev)
2020-01-13 v0.11.1 (Dev) v0.11.1 (Dev) v0.11.1 (Dev)
2020-01-06 v0.11.0 (Dev) v0.11.0 (Dev) v0.11.0 (Dev)
2019-12-23 v0.10.0 (Dev) v0.10.0 (Dev) v0.10.0 (Dev)
2019-12-16 v0.9.5 (Dev) v0.9.5 (Dev) v0.9.5 (Dev)
2019-12-09 v0.9.4 (Dev) v0.9.4 (Dev) v0.9.4 (Dev)
2019-12-02 v0.9.3 (Dev) v0.9.3 (Dev) v0.9.3 (Dev)
2019-11-25 v0.9.2 (Dev) v0.9.2 (Dev) v0.9.2 (Dev)
2019-11-18 v0.9.1 (Dev) v0.9.1 (Dev) v0.9.1 (Dev)
2019-11-11 v0.9.0 (Dev) v0.9.0 (Dev) v0.9.0 (Dev)
2019-11-04 v0.8.5 (Dev) v0.8.5 (Dev) v0.8.5 (Dev)
2019-10-28 v0.8.4 (Dev) v0.8.4 (Dev) v0.8.4 (Dev)
2019-10-21 v0.8.3 (Dev) v0.8.3 (Dev) v0.8.3 (Dev)
2019-10-14 v0.8.2 (Dev) v0.8.2 (Dev)
2019-09-30 v0.8.1 (Dev) v0.8.1 (Dev)
2019-09-23 v0.8.0 (Dev) v0.8.0 (Dev)
2019-09-16 v0.7.2 (Dev) v0.7.2 (Dev)
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